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Why use an Emily C necklace? Who needs one? 

  • Almost every woman wants to keep their rings sparkling and scratch-free despite the messiness of everyday life: washing hands, applying lotion or sunscreen, cooking, cleaning, crafting, or gardening. Emily C necklaces are perfect for these moments.
  • No one wants to lose a cherished ring during workouts, manicures, massages, home improvement projects, or any other time you are tempted to leave it on a countertop.
  • Many women experience swollen fingers at some point in life due to pregnancy, arthritis, or injury. Our necklaces are an ideal solution.
  • We hear from so many of our clients that they use our necklaces to wear a beloved ring from someone who may have passed on, and they don't want to resize it for sentimental reasons.
  • Many doctors, nurses, and others in the health care industry must follow a "bare below the elbows" jewelry policy at work. Our necklaces are such a perfect solution to this problem that they are becoming an increasingly popular gift to celebrate nursing or medical school graduation!
  • Massage therapists and hair stylists are regular Emily C fans- thank you for not scratching us or snagging our hair on your rings!

Got an Emily C necklace? Tell us about how it makes your life easier and your ring sparklier!

Meet Emily C, our designer and inventor.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How secure is my ring, really?"

Your ring is completely secure on your Emily C necklace in virtually every situation. It will not fall off. Although it seems like magic, the way it works is really no secret. When you are wearing your necklace, the chain and the pendant create an hourglass shape. Your ring rests securely at the narrowest part of that hourglass shape. Your ring cannot come off because the widest part of the pendant is wider than your ring. Meanwhile, gravity pulls the pendant downward, making the chain taut around your neck and creating the upper part of the hourglass.

In situations when the chain won't be more or less taut around your neck, such as during swimming or surfing, we don't recommend wearing your ring on your necklace. Also, treat your chain as carefully as you'd treat the chain on any diamond necklace- do not let it be yanked or abused, and replace it if you suspect any damage.

"Can I attach two rings?"

Sure! If you want to attach two rings at the same time, simply hold them together and thread them onto the pendant as though they were one wide ring.
If you want to attach a second ring when you already have one ring on your necklace, slide the ring that is already attached up onto the chain, as shown in the illustration below. This gets this ring "out of the way." Then proceed to add the new ring just as you would normally, following the usual steps. When the new ring is on, you can release the second ring. Both will fall securely into place.

"Can I use another chain with my Emily C necklace?"

 Absolutely. The chain included with your necklace has been specially selected for its strength and flexibility; you may find that some chains are not flexible enough to work. However, if you have another chain you'd like to use, and it's flexible enough, feel free to use it instead!                                                                 

"I just got my Emily C necklace, and I have a hard time putting my ring on and removing it. Any advice?"

Yes- do it in front of a mirror the first few times! It's a simple movement, but when you're trying to do it without seeing what you're doing, it can feel a little awkward. Once you practice a few times with the help of a mirror, the motion of taking it on and off will become quick and effortless.