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The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace

The Scallop Couture Ring Holder Necklace

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The stunning Couture Scallop ring holder necklace is made of solid gold and studded with approximately a hundred tiny diamonds. Once the gold pendant is cast, a craftsman works meticulously to add each diamond by hand, a process so delicate it requires the use of a microscope. 

Our Scallop Couture is available in solid white, yellow, or rose gold. Platinum may be custom ordered - price available on request.

Why are our premium solid gold or platinum necklaces worth every penny? We are here to create a companion piece to your most cherished ring, a necklace that can hold your ring for a lifetime. Gold and platinum never tarnish, don't need to be protected against moisture or lotions, and there's no plating to chip or wear away. Our gold and platinum pendants are made in Los Angeles, California, and our manufacturers are committed to using only ethically and sustainably mined metals and conflict free diamonds. Our chains are exclusively made in Italy, designed for the ideal mix of strength and the flexibility necessary for you to attach your ring.

Each solid gold or platinum Emily C ring holder necklace includes an 18" chain, in solid gold or platinum with a lobster clasp, and comes with instructions in a luxury gift box.

If you're not ready for one of our premium gold or platinum ring holding necklaces, and are looking for our lower cost silver or gold plated necklaces, head over to our Amazon store!

How To

To attach your ring, slide the ring onto one end of the pendant. Keep sliding the ring around the pendant, bending and pulling the chain as you go. Once the ring has traveled all the way around the pendant, release the ring and you're done! See the step by step illustrations or videos for more details. To remove your ring, simply reverse the steps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews

I LOVE this necklace! Such a clever design, easy to use, is very sturdy and looks beautiful! I get so many compliments on it!

Ruthanne Neveu
Love it!

I received my necklace as a Valentine give from my beloved. I have had it for over 6 years and it’s still beautiful as ever! I get compliments on it all of the time. It is so elegant and fun to see people’s reactions when I show them how it works! 10,000/10 would recommend.

Love it so far

I purchased this ring holder for work as I'm in the medical field. I was a little worried that it wouldn't stay on or I would lose my ring but it's been super strong and I haven't had any issues. It's also really comfortable too. Im glad I chose to buy the platinum version as I've already gotten so much use out of it and expect to for a long time. The ring is so easy to take off and on and I always get compliments on it.

Irum Rizwan

The Drop Ring Holder Necklace

Lobster clasp too small

I think the ring holder function is clever and would probably be useful if I could easily clasp the necklace onto my neck. The lobster clasp and final ring to clip it to are much smaller than any other piece of fine jewelry I have. The lobster clasp only opens halfway, leaving almost no room to fit the final ring in to close the necklace. I expected much better quality for the price. Might be a return. Emily C--if you all can replace with a standard size lobster clasp and final ring, I'd be interested in that!