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The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace
The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace

The Scallop Ring Holder Necklace

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The Scallop is the Original Emily C ring holding necklace. It's absolutely perfect for everyday wear, yet sophisticated enough to carry you, and your rings, into the most glamorous settings.

Why are our premium solid gold or platinum necklaces worth every penny? We are here to create a companion piece to your most cherished ring, a necklace that can hold your ring for a lifetime. Gold and platinum never tarnish, don't need to be protected against moisture or lotions, and there's no plating to chip or wear away. Our gold and platinum pendants are made in Los Angeles, California, and our manufacturers are committed to using only ethically and sustainably mined metals and conflict free diamonds. Our chains are exclusively made in Italy, designed for the ideal mix of strength and the flexibility necessary for you to attach your ring.

Each solid gold or platinum Emily C ring holder necklace includes an 18" chain, in solid gold or platinum with a lobster clasp, and comes with instructions in a luxury gift box.

If you're not ready for one of our premium gold or platinum ring holding necklaces, and are looking for our lower cost silver or gold plated necklaces, head over to our Amazon store!

How To

To attach your ring, slide the ring onto one end of the pendant. Keep sliding the ring around the pendant, bending and pulling the chain as you go. Once the ring has traveled all the way around the pendant, release the ring and you're done! See the step by step illustrations or videos for more details. To remove your ring, simply reverse the steps.


Fits rings up to size 12. Approximately 1 inch (26 mm) wide, 1.4 inches (36 mm) high. The Scallop is particularly well suited for thin and thicker bands, such as wedding & engagement bands that have been permanently attached together.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Anthony Lawlor
Amazing product

Don’t go for anything else, I tried the knock offs but they are no match to the quality like this one

Wonderful necklace

She wears it every day!

Bonnie Marder

I’ve been wearing my Emily C Ring holding necklace everyday for about 10 days now. I’m a fitness instructor and I teach in a heated studio where I sweat daily. I was afraid the necklace might change colors but so far it is holding up nicely. The images are accurate and the necklace is pretty. The latch is super small however so it is hard to take off and put back on. I would recommend this necklace, it’s expensive, but if it continues to hold up it is worth the price.

teagan marshall
This necklace is life-changing!

I'm a surgery resident and initially got this necklace to use when I take my rings off in the operating room. What I didn't expect is how often I would be using it outside of the OR! I use it multiple times a day to hold my rings if I'm washing dishes, using hand lotion, etc etc. It's so convenient and helps keep my rings clean and safe :)

Highly recommend

I highly recommend this product. I am a surgical resident and use this to take my ring off before I scrub into surgery. It’s easy, reliable, & aesthetically pleasing. I have recommended it to many friends and coworkers.